Neil Porter - Team Manager

Neil Porter is the main organiser of the annual Airshow / Country Show at Abingdon Airfield, Oxfordshire of over 22 years experience and has also helped in official capacitys at several airshows around the UK.
He is also a volunteer with the Historic Army Aircraft Flight based at Middle Wallop, Hampshire.

Iain Smith - Pilot

Having come from a non flying family it was the entertainment of an air display that got me interested in aviation. After finishing school I gained my pilots licence almost 30 years ago and soon after that I received an aerobatic endorsement. After compeKemble ting over the past years and with family commitments changing, becoming a display pilot seemed possible. With over 500 hours of aerobatic flying and 600 hours flying Pitts aircraft and a combination of time, financial commitment, training and support from family has resulted in me gaining an Aerobatic Display Authorisation licence in March 2018 and then becoming an Airborne Flying Display Director in January 2022. 

My regular day job is an Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer (AFISO) at Cotswold Airport aka Airfield. This job has given me a real insight as to what it's like to be on the other side of the radio.

Sam Wakeling - Web Designer & Ground Support

Sam is in. charge of the website for Monster Airshows. He is a keen fan of aviation, various events throughout Europe and Australia. He aims to combine sleek design with high functionality